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Feb 24, 2011 by Sam Storms

Paul the Pastor – 2 Corinthians 11:28-29

Dr. Sam Storms writes about Paul's clear pastoral nature as reflected in this text: "And, apart from other things, there is the daily pressure on me of my anxiety for all the churches. Who is weak, and I am not weak? Who is made to fall, and I am not indignant?" – 2 Corinthians ... Read more

Apr 2, 2010 by Robert Cheong

Sojourn Church Discipline Guidelines

Read this great resource on church discipline created by one of our member churches, Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, KY Read more

Mar 30, 2010 by Scott Thomas

Networking Within Acts 29

Scott Thomas talks about how Acts 29 leaders network with each other Read more

Mar 30, 2010 by Scott Thomas

Who Leads Acts 29?

Scott Thomas talks about the leadership of Acts 29 Read more

Aug 26, 2009 by Rick White

Addressing Questions Regarding Gender Roles

Rick White outlines three main areas of focus when discussing Gender Roles with those who are reasonably skeptical about complementarianism and male headship - the Biblical, Theological and Personal. Each of the three is fleshed out in practical examples from Rick. Read more

Jul 24, 2009 by Scott Thomas

Killing Ourselves In Jesus' Name

Scott Thomas writes a brief article about his own struggles with worshipping success in his ministry rather than Jesus, concluding with a prayer of repentance. Read more

Nov 17, 2008 by John Piper & Matt Chandler

How Elders Hold Each Other Accountable

Audio clip of John Piper and Matt Chandler sharing some of the lessons they learned in being pastors and other great insights Read more

Oct 19, 2007 by Phil Taylor

Top 5 Resources for Executive Pastors and Those Who Want One

A quick Google search for the words "executive pastor" will mostly give you hits for available job postings and existing executive pastor (XP) bios. Dig a little deeper and you might come across the occasional article. The reality is that there just isn't much out there for the guy ... Read more

May 4, 2006 by Darrin Patrick

What Every Church Planter Needs

A called-by-God church planter is a truly focused individual.  He knows that he needs specific things in order to do what God has called him to do in the city to which He has been sent. Building One of the things that he needs is a building.  I remember driving through my city ... Read more

May 4, 2006 by Brown Goodmanson

Church Planting Resources

Church Planting Resources Check out the website put together by two of our own, Eric Brown at Imago Dei in Portland and Drew Goodmanson at Kaleo in San Diego. These guys have a passion for administration (praise God!) and are gathering resources for the rest of us! ... Read more

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