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Why Should I Attend an Acts 29 Boot Camp?

Acts 29 has been conducting Boot Camps since its inception in 2000. The goal of these introductory church-planting conferences is to introduce Biblical church planting concepts as understood through the gospel and a missional ecclesiology. I attended my first Boot Camp in Seattle in 2003 with 40 other people. I still have the notebook provided because it was so impactful in my life.


Our next boot camp is upcoming in Louisville, KY on November 10-11 hosted by the great Sojourn Church led by the dynamic duo of Daniel Montgomery (teaching and vision) and Mike Cosper (worship and arts).


You can register here.


So, if one can get the audio files within a week or two of a Boot Camp, why should one attend one? If it is content-driven, as Stetzer describes it in an upcoming book, what benefit is it to attend?


1. It’s not just content; it’s relationships. 

The strength of Acts 29 is both gospel-centered missional ecclesiology and relationships with one another. Attendees get to ask private questions of the Acts 29 planters who are there to consult, counsel, pray, encourage and assess potential church planters.

2. Experiential learning.

The teaching is not devoid of community interaction. An attendee gets to download the sessions with other attendees and experience their reaction to the content and the spirit of the speakers. It is the difference between watching a game on TV and being there live with thousands of screaming fans.

3. Gospel tsunami.

When one listens to sessions of a Boot Camp on an iPod, it is usually spread out through weeks or even months. People walk away from a boot camp and feel the weight of the gospel as it is gloriously and inescapably presented through every session.


4. Worshipful.

The worship is gospel-centered—typically original songs and hymns—and Spirit-filled. We don’t podcast the worship, but it is an impactful part of the experience.

5. For wives too.

A necessary element for the success of a church planter is that his wife is fully supportive of his call to plant. Most of the wives’ tracks are not available online because they get into very personal issues. For some women, the perception of being a missionary to a city as a church planting family is very different from their observation of pastor’s wives’ roles in an established church. The aim of these workshops is to deconstruct these stereotypes and to learn to be a wife who is a helper to her husband and not as a co-pastor. We have four hours dedicated to the wives’ track workshop.

6. Workshops.

As a part of the boot camp, attendees get to choose from a number of tracks. The upcoming boot camp has 6 different tracks taught by world-class pastors, professors and leaders. Each workshop (24 in all) encourages interaction with the leaders before, after and during the sessions.

7. Get outta town.

Our minds and spirits are generally more receptive when we are away from our normal rhythm and environment and God can speak to your souls and others can minister that needed healing that comes through a community focused on the gospel.


Register today for the Louisville Boot Camp. Space is limited and the maximum capacity is filling up quickly.