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Why is Church Planting So Important? Scott Thomas Takes the Mic

"Church planting is the most effective way to evangelize and make disciples. So much great fruit comes out of church-planting. So, our goal is to make disciples, not necessarily to make a church. But in order to make disciples we see that creating new churches is a great tool to accomplish that," says Scott Thomas, Acts 29 Director, in his interview last week.

Last week, after Scott Thomas had interviewed the UK Coaches, Dai Hankey (bottom right) turned the microphone around to interview Scott with these questions:


1. Who are you, what do you do, and what does that all entail?

2. What are you doing in the rainy UK right now?

3. Had you ever heard of Wales before you came here?

4. What are your dreams for Acts 29 in the UK?

5. Why is church planting so important, in your opinion?

6. How do you know if God is calling you to plant a church?

7. What struggles, battles or pitfalls should a first-time church planter be aware of?

8. What’s a pearl of wisdom you have for someone just setting out to plant a church?

9. How do you stay focused and fresh as a church planter?

10. What’s the single biggest threat to the gospel right now?

11. What’s a piece of encouragement you have for a guy who is “in the trenches” of church planting?

12. Would you say a quick prayer for the UK and for Wales?


Listen to the brief 10-minute interview with Scott's answers here.