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What's Different About "Boot Camp 2.0" ?

Join us March 10-11 at The Village Church in Dallas, Texas, for our first Boot Camp 2.0

A New Kind of Boot Camp

The Acts 29 Network helps pastors plant churches that plant churches so more people can know about Jesus. To better help pastors plant those churches, we are offering a new kind of church planter boot camp we are calling Boot Camp 2.0.

Boot Camp 2.0 will take place over three days; the training and audience will get more focused and more specific as the boot camp progresses. Those pastors interested in joining Acts 29 as members will need to attend all three days. The other two days will be open to a larger group of people.

Day One Features our Top Communicators on Biblical Church Planting.

The first day will provide a place for anyone interested in church planting, church ministry, or Acts 29 to hear from some of our best speakers on the ways and means God uses to build his church. Most of this will be focused on the church planter, his marriage, the mission Jesus calls him to, and the message he is to preach. Most of the specific application will be for pastors and church planters.

Even so, the content is applicable for all people interested in being part of Jesus’ mission. Paul told Timothy to “set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12). If you are interested in seeing the gospel advanced through the church to the whole world, you will find the first day of Boot Camp 2.0 extremely helpful. 

Day One is Just $25.

The first day will have a conference feel. It is structured to accommodate as many people as we can. We are keeping the teaching to a single afternoon and evening. We are keeping the cost at $25 per person. We are asking our clearest, most powerful communicators to handle the teaching.

We are doing all this because we know we need more than just pastors and church planters to plant church-planting churches. We need all the people Jesus has saved to follow his command to serve in his kingdom. We hope the first day of Boot Camp 2.0 helps equip all “the saints for the work of ministry” Jesus gifted them to do (Ephesians 4:12). Those attending the first day will be challenged and encouraged to consider how Jesus wants them to be involved in his kingdom-building activity.  

Day Two is Targeted at Current and Near-Future Church Planters, and Their Teams.

The second day gives us the opportunity to provide training specifically for current and future church planters, pastors, and their teams (space is limited and prioritized; others can request approval but should not expect to be part of this training).

Day Two is Interactive Training and Application.

This training will be intimate, interactive, and focused on equipping men to plant church-planting churches. Acts 29 pastors will share from their own experience about what it takes to plant a church that plants churches. Acts 29 pastors will lead small-group discussion around what the Scriptures teach about planting church planting churches. The stories and discussions will focus on the man called to plant and pastor, his marriage, his mission, and his message. There will also be a special track for church planters’ and pastors’ wives. Participants will leave with very practical ways to use and apply what they’ve learned. Those pastors that bring their wives and their teams will have opportunity to process what they are learning together.

We hope the second day will provide the training and environment that encourages the gospel-driven strategic thinking that must take place if a man is to plant a church-planting church. We also hope it gives those specifically involved in planting replicating churches the kind of gospel-centered encouragement they need to do what God called and gifted them to do.

Day Three is for Assessment of Planters Who Want to be a Part of Acts 29.

The third day is reserved for assessment of pastors and church planters interested in joining Acts 29 on its mission to plant churches that plant churches. For more information on the assessment process, click here.

You can find a list of our future boot camps here.

Jesus has called every single one of his followers to tell his story throughout the entire world in a way that results in many, many more people becoming his disciples. Acts 29 thinks the best way to do this is by planting churches that plant churches so more people can know Jesus. We hope our boot camps help train and encourage many more people go join Jesus on his mission. 

Join us March 10-11 at The Village Church in Dallas, Texas, for our first Boot Camp 2.0



Elliot Grudem is the network coordinator for the Acts 29 Network and a pastor at Mars Hill Church. Prior to his work with Acts 29, Elliot served as the senior minister at Christ the King Presbyterian Church, a church he replanted in Raleigh, NC. He has worked for an urban ministry in New Orleans. He worked for a Fortune 100 company prior to seminary. He is the editor of Christian Beliefs, a book he completed with his father Wayne. Elliot holds degrees from Miami Univeristy (BA, History and English) and Reformed Theological Seminary (M.Div.).