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Tuesday Videos: What a Church Planter Should Look For in a Worship Pastor

We got some time with a few of the worship pastors from Acts 29 churches today - they are having a worship pastor's workshop track during the afternoons at Ambition. What should a church planter look for when he's looking to hire a worship pastor? We're so glad you asked...


Mike Cosper: Sojourn Community Church, Louisville KY

[Sojourn Church's website & Sojourn Music website]


Tim Smith: Mars Hill Church, Seattle WA

[Mars Hill Church's website & Re:Sound website]


Josh Dix: The Journey Church, St. Louis

[The Journey Church's website]


That's it for tonight; see you tomorrow for Day 2 Live Blogging.


Perry Azevedo

on Nov 12, 2009 :: 11:06 am

Good words guys.