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Total Boot Camp Recall

We are winding up 2009's boot camps. Houston is next week, and Louisville in November is our final boot camp for the year. Here's a brief synopsis of what's been taught by whom, and click the links! We've dropped in all kinds of good surprises - audio, newly uploaded notes, and not one RickRoll! (well, not today).


ENDURE: Houston Boot Camp (Next Week)

Yes, you can still come to boot camp next week, but you need to register ASAP! Get training from Bruce Wesley, Matt Chandler, Eric Mason and many of the Texas region Acts 29 church planters. The focus will be on what it looks like to endure as a planter and leader, fixing our eyes on Jesus, our Finisher, who endured the cross.

FOUNDATIONS: London Boot Camp (June 09)

In June, Steve Timmis became the Western Europe regional coordinator, and we launched the new region with a boot camp on the other side of the pond. Hear great basic teaching on church planting from our globe trotting, church planting Acts 29 leaders: Steve Timmis, Scott Thomas, Jeff Vanderstelt & David Fairchild. Don't miss Steve's Q&A session here.

INFLUENCE: San Diego Boot Camp (May 09)

What does it look like to lead well? San Diego Boot Camp looked at the concept of influence (as opposed to coercion) in leadership in many facets: influence through brokenness, community, the Word and worship, persevering, and through mission & vision. We have audio from David Fairchild, Brian Howard, Matt Chandler, Darrin Patrick & Jeff Vanderstelt. This is where Matt briefly spoke on "Why I am an Acts 29 Guy" and don't miss all the great workshop audio.

THE CALL: Seattle Boot Camp (Mar 09)

How can you know if you’re called to plant a church? Called to preach? Called at all? Do you have to fall into a trance, have a seminary degree, hear God’s audible voice or have everyone’s vote? With our largest international attendee list ever and speakers from all corners, this was one of the most broadly united Boot Camps for church planting and the gospel we have hosted. Hear Steve Timmis (UK), PJ Smyth (South Africa), Mark Driscoll (Seattle), Scott Thomas (Seattle), Matt Chandler (Texas), Dave Bruskas (Albuquerque) and more. Bonus: Russ McKendry (A29 Rocky Mtn Regional Coordinator) & Hunter Beaumont's workshops on GCA's Seven Seasons of Church Planting, part 1 and part 2 are incredible. Oh, and Hunter compiled a killer reading list for church planters that we thought we'd share with you today, too.

PLANT & THRIVE: Raleigh Boot Camp (Feb 09)

Vintage21 Church hosted a boot camp geared not only to teach and train those with intentions of planting a church, but for those who trying to get their seedling churches to “thrive.” Listen to Tyler Jones (East Coast Acts 29 regional coordinator), Ed Marcelle (Northeast Acts 29 Regional coordinator), Danielle Montgomery (South East Regional coordinator), Mark Driscoll and Scott Thomas, of course, but don't miss our wise and gracious guest speakers: Wayne Grudem, Danny Akin, and Andreas Kostenberger. And today, we uploaded the huge (don't say we didn't warn you) Raleigh manual, so you can have all the great notes!

 AMBITION: Louisville Boot Camp (Coming Soon: Nov 09)

Can’t make it to Houston next week? You have one last chance at an Acts 29 Boot Camp in 2009. "It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ is not known" (Rom 15:20) is the verse setting the tone for this boot camp. Who's speaking? Darrin Patrick, Matt Chandler, Ed Stetzer, Dave Harvey, Steve Timmis and more - look for solid teaching from church-planting movement leaders of not just Acts 29, but Sovereign Grace Ministries, the Porterbrook Network, and the Southern Baptists. We'd love it if you joined us.