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Top Three Acts 29 Church Planter Characteristics

Top Three Acts 29 Church Planter Characteristics


Acts 29 church planters were surveyed on 10 qualifications of a church planter and 60 microskills. I wrote a blog that detailed these characteristics more fully.

The top three characteristics are (in order):

  1. Spiritual Vitality
  2. Strong Marriage & Family Life
  3. Theological Clarity


The top three microskills from those surveyed:

  1. He gives evidence of a personal relationship with Jesus and a transformed life. (Spiritual Vitality)
  2. He models a lifestyle of following Jesus. (Spiritual Vitality)
  3. He professes healthy sexual relationship and purity in his marriage. (Strong Marriage & Family Life)




Scott Thomas has served as the President of Acts 29 Network and a Pastor at Mars Hill Church. Scott has been a pastor for 30 years—first as a youth pastor and then as a lead pastor and church planter/church replanter for 16 years.