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Top 10 Teachings in 2010

Of our nearly 800 audio files of teaching from Acts 29 pastors, these ten teachings by Acts 29 were most listened to in 2010. Download all ten for 526 minutes (or nearly nine hours) of learning!

  1. The Mission & Vision of Acts 29 Network. Mark Driscoll, 2008. This foundational piece addresses the identity of Acts 29 and its vision to see a quarter million people worshiping Jesus in Acts 29 churches in 2015. Get the notes here.
  2. The Ox: Qualifications of a Church Planter. Mark Driscoll, 2008. This is another foundational piece that is required listening for all planters, and addresses the kind of man who is qualified to plant a church.
  3. Ministry, Marriage & Mistakes. Mark (with Grace) Driscoll, 2010. At last fall’s Seattle boot camp, Driscoll delivered a sobering message admonishing men to do a better job loving their wives and children before their ministry. Grace joined at the end of the talk and shares mistakes they made early on in church planting.
  4. Why I Am an Acts 29 Guy. Matt Chandler, 2009. Chandler took 10 minutes to talk about reasons he’s part of Acts 29. Reason 1: “It’s a rare network to have such different philosophies in the middle of such strong theology.” Reason 2: A band of true brothers.
  5. Twenty Leadership Questions for Building a City within a City, part 1. Mark Driscoll, 2007. Driscoll’s message is based on Nehemiah and he builds his concept of building your church as a city within a city as well as 20 leadership questions based on the biblical text.
  6. Influence though the Word and Worship. Matt Chandler, 2009.  Chandler teaches at the San Diego boot camp from Nehemiah 8:1-18; 9:1-13, 36-37; 13:1-3. How did Nehemiah restore the authority of the Scriptures to the community? What were evidences of their worship? How is the gospel exalted through our word and worship? How have churches lost the heart of the gospel by setting aside word and worship of Jesus?
  7. Influence through Community. Brian Howard, 2009. Howard teaches at the San Diego boot camp on Nehemiah 3:1-32, 4:15-23; 5:1-19; 7:1-73, 10:1-39. How did Nehemiah lead the community to be on mission? How did he deal with discipline issues? What is true gospel community? How did they sacrifice personally for the good of the mission? How important is every individual in community? How did they become a covenantal community?
  8. The Gospel Mission and Message. Mark Driscoll, 2010. The final message at our National boot camp in Seattle in September 2010. Driscoll hammers on the the essential content of the. Gospel content is: continual, proclamational, personal, essential, central, eternal, Christological, penal, substitutional, biblical, eschatological. The gospel context is understood & evangelization happens by doing four things: going, seeing, feeling, doing (receiving, rejecting and redeeming culture).  Also: gospel contending, gospel culture (of repentance).
  9. Redeeming Masculinity. Darrin Patrick, 2010. Patrick recently published Church Planter, and spoke at an event on equipping the Church, God’s vehicle for mission to a lost world, through raising up godly, biblically masculine men to lead, as Paul instructed Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:1-7.
  10.  Total Church. Steve Timmis, 2009. Timmis is our Western Europe Director, and wrote Total Church. At a London boot camp, he spoke on what “every day gospel” and mission looks like based off Matthew 22. How am I going to be a lover of God and of others? What is the nature of the good news as it answers these two critical questions: Who am I and why am I?