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Top 10 Articles in 2010

These articles posted in our Resource section were the most popular reads in 2010. Enjoy!

  1. The Ox: Qualifications of a Church Planter. Mark Driscoll.  “The issue of which men lead the church is of the utmost seriousness because the reputation of the gospel in the community and health of the church are contingent upon godly, qualified men who keep in step with Jesus and can lead the church to do likewise.”
  2. Is the Biblical View of Women Applicable in our Culture Today? Grace Driscoll. “Does what the Bible say about women really apply to us today in this culture (submission, can't be a pastor, weaker vessel, more easily deceived, etc.)? Doesn't it make us too vulnerable to our husbands? Doesn't it limit our ability to demonstrate our gifts? Doesn't it make us less of a human to just stay at home with the kids or take care of our husband?”
  3. How to Write a Worship Song. Luke Abrams.  “…Why does a song have to be singable? The congregation is not the audience, and the leaders are not performers. When worshipping, we are all one body lifting up our voices to the Lord. As singers and instrument players, our whole job as worship leaders is to encourage as many people as possible to worship, and this is usually manifested through singing.”
  4. How to Leave a Church. Luke Simmons. “I met yesterday with a friend who is leaving our church. We had a good conversation about his reasons for leaving (they are legitimate) and then some discussion about how he can “leave well.” I told him that, based on my experience with people leaving our church or coming to our church after leaving another one, most people don’t leave well.”
  5. Five Things I Wish I Would Have Known About Being a Church Planter’s Wife. Kendra Duty. “#3: You are qualified because God thinks so, not because you think so. Feelings of insecurity will arise because you will be tempted to compare yourself with other pastor’s wives or women in the church who you feel are more prominent than you. The enemy will then come in and latch onto these insecurities and turn them into lies.”
  6. Sojourn Church Discipline Guidelines. Robert Cheong. “Church discipline must be understood within the gospel reality that God lovingly disciplines his children so that they may grow in grace for the sake of righteousness and peace found in Christ.
  7. Is Church Planting for Me? Dr. J. Allen Thompson. Thompson, President of the International Church Planting Center in Atlanta, and coordinator of multicultural church planting for Mission to North America for the PCA. As an executive with Worldteam, Allen helped the organization to focus on a strategy for training and deploying national workers in church planting in 14 countries.
  8. The Planter’s Ultimatum. Scott Thomas. “Determining God's call and a readiness to plant a church is crucial. It demands ruthless self-examination by yourself, by a trusted friend, by someone who supervised you and by those to whom you ministered. Read Ridley's list and rate your characteristics. Get three others to do the same on you. Tally your score at the end.”
  9. We Need Sunday School Answers. Kevin Larson. “There is a tragic sophistication and cynicism toward basic Christian truths today by many young people.  We’ve heard those answers.  They’re too simple, we reason.  But those are the answers we need.  Our need is not for a better answer.  It’s for our hearts to embrace the right answer.”