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The Spirit Led Pastor

Spirit Led Pastor

Last week, Dr. Sam Storms was in Seattle and graciously took some time to talk with Scott Thomas about what it looks like to be a Spirit-led pastor. Dr. Storms is pastor of Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma, and recently published Convergence: Spiritual Journeys of a Charismatic Calivinist.

In this video:

How can a pastor be led by the Spirit?
“The Spirit-led pastor begins with a confession and heart-commitment to God saying, ‘Lord, I am open to the prompting, correcting and redirecting of my life, ministry and decisions by your Spirit in accordance with Your will.’"

Through the Scripture
“Most of all, pastors need to understand that the Spirit leads through God’s Word, principally and primarily.”

Nurturing a Spirit-led Life
1. Spend time alone with God.
2. Spend time with people who are as committed to the Spirit-led life as you are.
3. Be willing to take risks.
4. Keep in mind that Spirit-character is the point of all Spirit-gifting.