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The Call: Teaching Overview

Seattle Church Planting Boot Camp – March 9-10, 2009

Main Session Teaching Overview

Theme: The Call


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The Seattle Boot Camp teaching is all new materials and is based on the thesis based on the thesis of the Great Commission: "We are called as a community of believers to proclaim the gospel to all nations in the power of the Holy Spirit." We will look at the person that is called to a gospel-centered church, what he is called to and how that calling is incarnated through the local church.

Monday, March 9:

1.    Mark Driscoll – The Calling of the Planter
Mark will kick off the boot camp with a discussion surrounding the calling of a man into church planting. What does a calling entail? How does a man know he is called to plant a church? What are the special characteristics of that man called to plant? What are some examples of a called man in Scripture? What are some contemporary examples of a called planter?

2.    Scott Thomas – Great Commission Call to Plant Churches
Scott will set the overview for the remainder of the messages by examining the five biblical references to the Great Commission. The summation is that we are mandated to proclaim the gospel to all nations in the power of the Holy Spirit. This will give an overview of the boot camp as well as call men to plant churches as an expression of the Great Commission.

3.    Matt Chandler – the Call to Preach
Matt will focus on the proclamation by the church planter. Why is it important to be a preacher in the context of a church plant?  What are the characteristics of good preaching that transforms lives?



Tuesday, March 10:

4.    PJ Smyth – The Call to Proclaim the Gospel
PJ will focus on the gospel message. What is the gospel? What are the enemies of the gospel in the context of a church? How has Christendom rejected the gospel? How can a church planter defend the gospel?

5.    Dave Bruskas - The Call to the Nations/City
Dave will address the call to plant church TO ALL NATIONS. Our call is not to plant a single church, but rather to plant the gospel in our cities, our regions and our world.  He will explore the recipients of the gospel and how we are shortsighted to limit the mission of God to a single congregational model.  Where are the “nations” in the cities in which we live? How can we expand the gospel to the nations?

6.    Mark Driscoll – The Call to Endure
Mark will address the calling of a man that is necessary to endure the hardships of planting a church in the midst of a generation of idolaters. How can the planter endure in light of the gospel?  How does he endure the calling of other Christians to move away from the mission? How does the Holy Spirit help us to endure?


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