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Thank You Steve Camp

Steve Camp, a Christian music artist for 28 years, has been a vocal commentator of Mark Driscoll over the years. Concerning another matter, I called Steve and then he and I discussed this ongoing tension he had with Mark. We had a great conversation and it led to a discussion between Mark and Steve.


Steve posted a blog about this today and it brings encouragement to me as the gospel is displayed through this reconciled relationship.


Thank you, Steve for your firendship and your humility. Thank you for "surrendering your heart."


Frank Collins

on Apr 7, 2009 :: 11:16 pm

I met Steve after a concert a number of years ago and he is a faithful man when it comes to the defense of the gospel.


Scott Thomas has served as the President of Acts 29 Network and a Pastor at Mars Hill Church. Scott has been a pastor for 30 years—first as a youth pastor and then as a lead pastor and church planter/church replanter for 16 years.