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The Church Planter's Marriage

…Two years after we planted Clear Creek Community Church, I recognized a feeling of emotional detachment from my wife and kids. I don’t remember where the question came from, but I asked myself, “What if my wife and children never feel loved by me?” I thought about how much of a failure I would be if I planted a church successfully, but I did not know how to love my wife and kids in a way that they felt cherished, protected and connected to me. What if I reached the end of my one and only life and thousands of people became Christians, but my children wanted nothing to do with me? –Bruce Wesley, “Loving My Wife and Children More than Ministry.”    If you haven’t met him, we’d like to introduce you to Bruce Wesley, Acts ...

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Parakaleo Ministries

Parakaleo Ministries Parakaleo was birthed out of a PCA research project that Shari Thomas, daughter of a church-planter and wife of a pastor, did on the major factors determining the health or death of church-planters’ marriages. Scott Thomas was able to meet with Shari recently in NYC for a brief interview. Here are some results from Shari Thomas’ Study of PCA Church Planter Spouse Stress and Satisfaction Levels: • 100% of church planting spouses surveyed have requested mentoring or coaching. • 65% of church planting spouses say their husbands (men who tend to be absent from the home evenings and weekends) provide their primary emotional support. • 59% of church planting spouses lead 1-3 major ministries in the church in addition to family, ...

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Rick White: Loving Your Wife & The Proverbs 31 Fallacy

At Acts 29, we emphasize family as the pastor's first place of ministry, and part of our assessment includes deeply probing into the health of marriages and family. Many men have no idea what it means to pastor their family, so we started asking our guys to share what it means to love their wives and children.   Rick White (CityView Church, Fort Worth, TX) talks about what it means to love one's wife well - and addresses the misunderstood 31st chapter of Proverbs. &nbs...

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