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Struggles of a Single Planter

Interview with: Hunter Beaumont, Fellowship Denver, 3 years old, younger crowd.

Struggles of a Single Planter

1. No sex. The single Christian man has no place for any sexual expression.

2. No best friend. The single man lacks the deep companionship/emotional support that a wife provides.

If a single man is not able to handle these two areas of struggle well, he should not plant a church as the temptations and pressures only increase.

“We always tell guys: ‘planting a church puts more pressure on your marriage than is on it now, typically. So if you’re not doing marriage well now, you shouldn’t plant a church.’ It’s the same for the single guy; planting puts more pressure, especially in those two areas, on the single man.”

Advantages of a Single Planter

1. More time. Not having a wife or kids to care for gives the single planter more time to devote to the ministry.

2. Space for more relationships. The single planter can develop more relationships with people in and out of his church. This extra time knowing people – their thoughts, struggles, sins and questions – aids the single planter in rapidly improving his preaching.

Other Unique Issues for the Single Planter

Ladies. Women often are attracted to a strong, spiritual man – much discernment and the help of a team of elders is needed to make sure that relationships remain pure.

Married Men on the Team. Single men need to plant with a team, and have a married man (preferably with kids!) on that team to help with marriages.

Intentional Openness. The single planter has to live very openly for the sake of accountability & fellowship. This looks like having the elders watch over the single planter’s life, someone receiving internet filtering reports, and not spending too much time alone.

Should a Single Man Plant a Church?

It boils down to how well a single man is able to live in sexual purity and fight loneliness. If he is doing these things well, then he can think about planting a church.

Hunter’s sermon on singleness here!



Joseph Louthan

on Apr 19, 2010 :: 10:41 am

I don't fight loneliness well. Just a month ago, God revealed me to that I am dealing with loneliness. I have no clue how to do deal with it and past sins of lust sit at my door, waiting to master me.

Every single freakin' day since then, I have to go to war and stab that monster straight in the neck over and over again. If I make it to bed without falling, that is the Almighty God and his beautiful grace and strength.

All I can do now is hope my head hits my pillow. Praise my sweetest God because he is so good to me.

I am praying for you and all unmarried pastors because I know how to pray for you.

Jacob Jelovich

on Apr 19, 2010 :: 1:51 pm

Very insightful and helpful. Thank you for your openness Hunter.