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San Diego Boot Camp: Missional Influence

 Missional Influence: Multiplying Leaders on Mission for the Gospel

May 5-6


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San Diego Boot Camp

May 5-6, 2009

Host: Kaleo Church


New Life Presbyterian Church
5333 Lake Murray Blvd.                   
La Mesa, CA  91942


Cost: $149 each


10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Theme: Missional Influence: Multiplying Leaders on Mission for the Gospel
Primary Text: Book of Nehemiah (Gospels, Acts, Pastoral Epistles)
Premise: Jesus relies on leadership multiplication as His chosen vehicle to spread the gospel and to establish His church for His glory through redeemed lives.


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Speakers: Mark Driscoll, Matt Chandler, Darrin Patrick, Jeff Vanderstelt, Brian Howard, David Fairchild.

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Main Sessions

Tuesday May 5

Session 1 – Influence through Leadership by Mark Driscoll (10:30 am)
Nehemiah 1-13

  • What kind of leadership qualities did Nehemiah exhibit as he led the people to rebuild the walls?
  • What are the qualities of a missional leader?
  • What leadership characteristics of Nehemiah were evident in Jesus?
  • How does Nehemiah’s leadership compare with the Apostle Paul, the church planter?

Session 2 – Influence through Brokenness by David Fairchild (3:00 pm)

  • What are the character qualities of Nehemiah?
  • What aspects of personal renewal (repentance and faith) are required for a church planter?
  • How did Nehemiah display courage and humility?
  • How is the gospel displayed thorough our brokenness?

Session 3 – Influence through Mission and Vision by Jeff Vanderstelt (4:20 pm)
Nehemiah 2:5-20; 6:15-16

  • How did Nehemiah obtain a mission/vision?
  • How important is this to be an effective leader?
  • How do we discern a vision and mission?
  • How do we lead through it?
  • How does a proper understanding of the mission of Jesus advance the gospel?

Wednesday May 6

Session 4 – Influence through Community by Brian Howard (10:30 am)
Nehemiah 3:1-32; 4:15-23; 5:1-19; 7:1-73; 10:1-39

  • How did Nehemiah lead the community to be on mission?
  • How did he deal with discipline issues?
  • What is true gospel community?
  • How did they sacrifice personally for the good of the mission?
  • How important is every individual in community (7:1-73)?
  • How did they become a covenantal community (10:1-39)?

Session 5 – Influence through the Word and Worship by Matt Chandler (3:00 pm)
Nehemiah 8:1-18; 9:1-13, 36-37; 13:1-3

  • How did Nehemiah restore the authority of the Scriptures to the community?
  • What were evidences of their worship?
  • How is the gospel exalted through our word and worship?
  • How have churches lost the heart of the gospel by setting aside word and worship of Jesus?

Session 6 – Influence through Persevering by Darrin Patrick (4:20 pm)

  • Nehemiah 2:19-20; 4:1-5:13; 6:1-14, 17-19, 9:38; 10:30-39; 12:27-31, 38, 40-43; 12:27-47; 13:4-31
  • How did Nehemiah deal with critics, internal rebellion, sin, personal burnout and trials?
  • How did Nehemiah celebrate God’s grace?
  • How is this an incarnation of the life and work of Jesus?

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1.    Wives’ Track led by Erin Young
2.    Art on Life: Engaging Media Redemptively by Mike Brown
3.    Leading the Mission by Justin Anderson
4.    Calling by Thomas Young
5.    (Private) Coaching Track by Scott Thomas

1.    Wives’ Track led by Erin Young
2.    Leading a Team by Dave Fandy
3.    Setting the DNA for a Multi-ethnic church plant by Thien Doan
4.    Practical Missional Ecclesiology by Drew Goodmanson
5.    (Private) Coaching Track by Scott Thomas


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