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Seven Things I Would do Differently as a Planter - Part One

Seven Things I Would do Differently if I was Planting a Church Today - Part One


By Pastor Scott Thomas
Former Acts 29 Director


I have served as a replanting pastor, church planter and church-planting director. It has given me insight from three different perspectives. It has been less than three years since I was the lead pastor of a church plant, but I have gained some valuable insight through extensive study, interaction with church planters, network directors, assessors, and by coaching church planters.

I reflected the other day on what I would do differently if I were to plant again. I came up with seven ideas that may help other church planters to avoid some mistakes.


1. I would expose the gospel to the fullest extent as possible in every context, relationship, conflict and teaching.

I think very few people in the church truly understand the gospel, especially those who are religious. I think that few pastors truly understand the gospel. Galatians 2:14 suggest that there is a way of living that is contrary to the gospel.  The centrality of the gospel drives all ministry and mission of the church.

Tim Keller’s resource on Gospel Christianity is a good curriculum to teach this to your elders, your wife and perhaps yourself.

Steve Timmis mentioned that he “gospels” his people when they are out of step or in sin. I love this way of communicating. Even as we confront others, it must be done in a grace-filled way to image the gospel.

Every action step of the church is filtered through the gospel—it must bear image to the gospel or it is eliminated.


2. I would connect with God as I connected with culture.

In our quest to be missionally engaged, hip and cool, I think we have lost the “edge” for a radical, passionate engagement with God. Connecting with culture is overrated; connecting with God is underrated.

My son asked me if I thought John Piper would be effective as a pastor in Seattle. I told him that I thought he would because his passionate connection with God overshadowed his lack of cultural connectivity. He does not have a TV in his home and he still wears tweed jackets bought at the penny saver store.

James 4:6-10 calls us to draw near to God. We have to make this the primary point of our church plant and then we connect to culture in a way that is understood by them. We don’t want to be too hip and too cool that we overshadow the person and work of Jesus.

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Charlie Hughes

on Jan 27, 2009 :: 8:53 am

I just want to say thanks for the insight and resources that Acts29 gives to the Church.


on Jan 27, 2009 :: 2:16 pm


Thanks for sharing "Seven Things" at LifePoint yesterday. Lane, thanks for sponsoring the event. The equipping resources Acts 29 provides are incredible. Soli Deo Gloria!

Dayton Loven