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Seed at Sojourn - Mercy Ministry that Keeps the Gospel and Good Deeds Together

Nathan Ivey is pastor and director of Seed - the mercy ministry of Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Churches notorious for excelling in either the words of the gospel or in good deeds - and rarely both. Seed seeks to not only see social renewal now in Louisville, but to reach their neighbors with the eternal mercy of the gospel.


Ivey writes at the Seed blog:

it is NEVER enough to address people’s felt needs (think Seed Projects). Seed Projects can be a good starting point because the gospel addresses the human condition in all its complexity – the whole gospel to the whole person. But, we need to move beyond people’s felt needs.


People (i.e. insert the name of your next door neighbor, co-worker, grocery store clerk) think they have all sorts of needs and often they are real and pressing needs. But there is a much greater need of which people are unaware. It is our job to warn them of the coming judgment of God. We cannot wait for people to express their need for reconciliation with God...

...In social involvement, in Seed, there will always be a commitment to the reconciliation of our neighbor, whoever he/she is, with God through the gospel. The proclamation of the gospel must be at the heart of Christian social involvement. Our aim will always be that the poor and our neighbors are blessed in this life and for all eternity.


Are you sharing the gospel with those whom you are serving? Or are you merely doing good deeds hoping that they will “get it”?

(Ivey adapted content from Good News to the Poor: Sharing the Gospel through Social Involvement, Tim Chester, 50-58).


While we were in Louisville, we were able to get a little time with Ivey and ask him what Seed does at Sojourn and grab a short video to share with you all. If you are curious about gospel-centered mercy ministry and want to see an example of what this could look like, check out Seed's website.