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Redemption in Omaha

Weekly we'll be sharing videos from Acts 29 churches that tell stories of the Gospel transforming the hearts of people, communities, and cities.

From the Pastor 
Below is Cole and Jeanne's story. Sin had destroyed their marriage of 13 years. After realizing his need for a Savior, Cole, drawn by the grace and mercy of Jesus, was given a new heart with new desires. Watch how in the midst of everyday life, God reconciled Cole and Jeanne to Himself and then to each other.


ChurchCoram Deo Church Community
Pastor: Bob Thune 
Location: Omaha, Nebraska 

"Let us always long to hear the stories of grace in others' lives. Every conversion is the story of a blessed defeat." C.S. Lewis



on Jan 10, 2013 :: 10:00 pm

This is a beautiful testimony to the power of the Spirit to change hearts. Thank you for posting it.