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Raleigh NC Boot Camp

Raleigh NC Boot Camp

February 4-5 2009

at Vintage 21 Church

117 S. West St.

Raleigh, NC 27601

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Track 1 - For all potential A29 church planters 

Mark Driscoll

Wayne Grudem - Gospel Centered Reformed Theology

Danny Akin - Preaching the Gospel

Scott Thomas - The Biblical Mandate on the Man

Andreas Kostenberger - The Effects of Planting on Family & Self

Mark Driscoll & Wayne Grudem - Q & A

Tyler Jones - Mission Rises out of Community

Ed Marcelle - Mission Rises out of Discipleship

Daniel Montgomery - Our Mission

Mark Driscoll


Track 2 - For planters in years 1-4

Jason Roberts and Chris Atwell - Coaching Introduction

Elliot Grudem - Leadership Development: Elders, Deacons, Volunteers

Mark Driscoll - Q & A

Jamie Munson & Nate Williams - Systems & Structures

TBA - Strategic Planning

Jamie Munson, et al. - Q & A

TBA - Small Groups

Chris Atwell - Assimilation to Membership 

Wayne Grudem - Q & A

TBA - Children's Ministry / Funding / Holistic Justice

Jason Roberts - Debriefing: Long Term Implementation 

Mark Driscoll


Breakout Sessions

Wives' Track



Leadership 1

Systems & Structures

Leading the Mission

Leadership 2 


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Scott Thomas has served as the President of Acts 29 Network and a Pastor at Mars Hill Church. Scott has been a pastor for 30 years—first as a youth pastor and then as a lead pastor and church planter/church replanter for 16 years.