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Raleigh Boot Camp


Even unhealthy men can run short distances. But church planting is not a trip to the mailbox or even a sprint. It's an exhausting, exhilarating journey with and for Jesus. The last thing we want our lives to be are brief flashes in the pan of God's story. No one wants to be a success at year three and a statistic at year ten. We want to be men who plant healthy, enduring churches for the glory of Jesus. Our goal for this time is to prepare healthy men to run the marathon marked out for them.


Acts 29 isn't just about ideas and philosophies — it is also about doing. It's one thing to see the church and imagine, but it's another to plant the church and do the hard work. But we do not do this alone. We do it as a band of brothers who are Acts 29: providing training, community, and resources for church planters. And we do it under the calling and headship of Jesus, who gives the gifts and calling.


Whether you’re still evaluating the call to plant a church or you’re a pastor with decades of ministry experience, join us at our Boot Camp in Raleigh, North Carolina. Qualified leaders will discuss how to plant and lead a healthy church — focusing on the message, the man, the marriage, the mission, and the model.



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Online Registration is closed. Registration will be available onsite from 11am - 1pm.



Wednesday, November 13

11-1:00 - Registration & Check-In
1:00 pm - Welcome/Worship
1:30 pm - Session 1 | Healthy Message
2:30 pm - Session 2 | Healthy Man
3:45 pm - Session 3 | Healthy Marriage
4:45 pm - Q&A

Thursday, November 14

9:00 am - Welcome/Worship
9:30 am - Session 4 | Healthy Mission
11:00 am - "TED" Talks*

Physical Heatlh - Paul told Timothy it was of some value. Church Planters try to live on caffeine and adrenaline and call it the Spirit's power. We want to address the importance of physical health for a man to endure in faithful gospel ministry.
Financial Health - Jesus talked more about money than about heaven and hell combined. We want to encourage planters and pastors in their financial stewardship.

11:45 am - Lunch in the area
1:15 pm - "TED" Talks*

Organizational Health - This topic will not be about the organization of your church, but about the overall stewardship of your life. We want to have lives that are full, but don't feel busy. If that's to happen, our lives must be stewarded.
Family Health - A Pastor's first flock is his family. There is nothing more missional than caring for your wife and kids through the ever changing landscape of church planting.

1:30 pm - Session 5 | Healthy Model
2:45 pm - Session 6 | Healthy Mentality
3:30 pm - Q&A

Friday - Assessment Day
Assessment Interviews are for those who have completed their Acts 29 application process (Phase 1) and Phone Interview prior to the boot camp and have been assigned an assessment slot for Friday, Nov 15. If you would like to be assessed, please begin the application process here and contact Tyler Powell. Note: the wife of the church planter or pastor is required to be at assessment.

*TED Talks
We want to create an environment where men can gain some of the tools needed to get and remain healthy for the marathon of ministry. If we are to endure in the race marked out for us, we must be healthy men. And we have brought together men who will serve us well in this goal.

Part of our time will involve shorter "TED" style talks by Acts 29 Pastors on areas that are crucial to the health and endurance of a Pastor or Church Planter. Some of us are early and still feel fresh. Others have long since run out of juice. We want this Boot Camp to help all of us get back in the race, set a healthy pace, and finish well for the glory of Jesus. These talks will help us do that.

More information about this event can be found HERE.


garrett soucy

on Oct 22, 2013 :: 10:31 am

great. looking forward to it.