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Prayer for the Keldie Family


Barry Keldie (31), former student pastor at The Village Church in Highlands Village, TX (Dallas metro) and founder and former pastor of Providence Church in Frisco, TX, died Friday morning, March 5. He had long suffered from insomnia and had developed an addiction to prescription sleeping pills. In an effort to overcome the addiction and still get the necessary sleep, Barry had begun to take Tylenol PM. Doctors suspect that as a side effect of the medication, he became disoriented and consumed more than the recommended dosage. Confirmed by the toxicology reports, Barry’s death was a result of an accidental overdose of Tylenol PM.

He is survived by his wife, Charity, and their two children, Will, age 3, and Layla, age 1.

The Acts 29 board of directors and the Acts 29 pastors across the country mourn Barry’s death as we rest in the sovereign hand of God.


Adam James

on Mar 15, 2010 :: 12:39 am

Grieving from a distance....sobered by such a tragedy...praying for a family who we don't know... May the LORD be found through the pain...

Craig Cooper

on Feb 9, 2014 :: 9:37 am

Pastor Keldie was remembered and integral to Matt Chandler's Feb 2, 2014 sermon.