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Planting in Camden

Weekly we'll be sharing videos from Acts 29 churches that tell stories of the Gospel transforming the hearts of people, communities, and cities.

Below is the story of Doug Logan, who went through a church planter residency program at Epiphany Fellowship and planted a church in Camden, NJ, which is perennially one of the most dangerous and impoverished cities in the US. Watch the video below to hear their vision and passion for church planting and reaching urban cities like Camden.


"It wasn't a vision for one church, but to be
a church-planting church."


Church: Epiphany Fellowship Philadelphia / Camden
Pastor: Eric Mason / Doug Logan
Location: Philadelphia, PA / Camden, NJ


Epiphany Fellowship Camden recently teamed up with another Acts 29 church, Portico in Charlottesville, VA, to revitalize a few basketball courts in Camden, NJ. Watch the video below.



on Aug 15, 2012 :: 7:48 pm

Awesome to see God working there!