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Piper's Number One Danger is Himself



John Piper said, "I am my biggest danger. When I go up, God goes down." At an Acts 29 Boot Camp in Seattle, in conjunction with the Annual Resurgence Conference, Mark Driscoll asked Matt Chandler and John Piper about the number one danger facing pastors today. The answers are insightful.


The question in this excerpt is, "What is the number one danger facing pastors today?" The audio is only 3min:23sec long and is worth every second of your time.


Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor of the fast-growing Village Church in Dallas and Denton responded first by warning young pastors to beware of trying to reach their culture in the name of "missional engagement" by watering down of the message; by staying away from certain parts of the gospel to be palatable to a pagan world. Matt said it has a negative effect when we stray away from the deitiy of Christ in favor of only the humanity of Christ.

John Piper responded in a Piperian manner by saying that the greatest danger would be to first identify the number one priority: God. So, the greatest danger, according to John, is to neglect God, belittle God, and ignore God. He went on to answer the question in the way most of us "theological mortals" think by recognizing that the root of all other dangers is "pride." He said the original sin was "do it our own way." Pride is the biggest problem every day, not just for today's culture.


John said, "I am my biggest danger. My own ego is my biggest danger. When I go up, God goes down." If we have some measure of success in our ministries, we sometime feel good for all the wrong reasons. Piper exhorted us to be on our face constantly to delight in God, rather than in our prospering works.



Dr.Paul Foltz

on Nov 28, 2008 :: 6:15 pm

Self is always our number one enemy.