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Picto:Blog - April 1, 2009


Introducing the members of the Pastor's Training Program at Mars Hill

After serving as a Lead Pastor for 16 years, I became the Director of Acts 29 on April 1, 2006—three years ago today. It has been the ride of my life. I keep waiting for Driscoll to walk in and say in a (gruff) singsong voice, "April Fool's!"

I attended my first Acts 29 Boot Camp in May of 2003. Forty-three people met in the foyer of the current Ballard building when Mars Hill was running a very respectable 1,500 people. At that time, they had about 400 matching chairs in the front section of the auditorium and another mosaic array of about 200 chairs of the recycled quality: lawn chairs, old kitchen chairs, rusted folding chairs and garage sale rejects. The church was growing faster than its ability to keep up with the purchase of chairs. Classic.


Tim Keller suggests asking three questions to determine a call:


  1. Do you have a passion for it?
  2. Do those around you affirm this?
  3. Is there an opportunity? 


The Call
Tyler Powell and I were at this boot camp in anticipation of starting a new church in Denver. Mark spoke at that boot camp as well as Rick McKinley. We were challenged by the Acts 29 perspective, yet firmly resonated with their passion for the mission of the church. When Eric Brown, then director of Acts 29 spoke, the Spirit of God immediately impressed me, "This is what I want you to do." It wasn’t audible, but it was clear and concise. I never told anyone about this—not even my wife.


The Opportunity
Three years later, I was a church planter and serving as a volunteer board member of Acts 29 when we needed to replace the outgoing director, Steve Tompkins as he was departing to become the campus pastor of Mars Hill's first video venue in Shoreline. Driscoll, the President of the Acts 29 Corporation, asked if any of us had any names for a replacement. No one offered a simple grunt. From my chair, I leaned in toward Mark and asked, "What kind of guy are you looking?" He said matter of fact, "You." I said, "A guy like me?" and he said, "No. You."


The Affirmation

I sat back in my chair and rehearsed the voice of the Spirit three years prior and wondered how I should respond to this unexpected proposal. Mark asked if the men had any other names for the directorship. Nobody said anything. Finally I said, “If you are serious, I would like to ask some questions.” Two months later, I transitioned my church plant to another pastor and started a wild ride on April Fool’s Day.


The Passion
I am deeply honored to serve in this capacity where we get to participate with the Spirit and with other Acts 29 churches to help young men make their dreams and callings a reality. One of those blessings is leading our inaugural training program for church planters (pictured above). Several of these men launched their churches during their tutelage and were nurtured through the yearlong training and coaching overseen by Pastor Gary Shavey.

I’m following the call of God—no fooling.



Next Boot Camp: San Diego, CA

Host: Kaleo Church

New Life Presbyterian Church
5333 Lake Murray Blvd.                   
La Mesa, CA  91942


 Missional Influence: Multiplying Leaders on Mission for the Gospel

Cost: $149 each | $99/couple for assessment (Must have Phase 1 completed in the application process with Acts 29)


To Register click HERE