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Pastor Mark Driscoll Has a New Website

Over the years, Pastor Mark Driscoll's content has been some of the most popular and helpful we've had on our site. He is passionate about speaking to church planters and leaders, and giving them resources and insights to help them spread the name of Jesus. However, his content has been spread out across many platforms. Until now.



This new website will help organize all of Pastor Mark's content, and serve as a go-to for exclusive posts and updates. Additionally he, along with The Resurgence and Mars Hill, is offering free access to their Campaign resources, which includes top-level research, preaching strategies, marketing and more. just launched today, so feel free to peruse the website and check out the great resources he is offering. 

As normal, we will still be hosting all of his content from Boot Camps and the occasional blogpost — especially those directed towards church planters and leaders.