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Nashville Boot Camp - Photo Update

It's the beginning of Day 2 of Acts 29 Boot Camp at Immanuel Church in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville 11 - 5

At this moment, Acts 29 member Martin Scott is sharing from his own life with about 125 boot campers who have returned for training and discussion. Those here today are those who are in the midst of church planting, about to plant, or part of a planting team.

Everyone is at round tables, hosted by Acts 29 members, to listen to 7-minute talks by church planters based on the topics of the Man (church planter's character), Mission, Message and Marriage. Each talk is followed by a table discussion for each participant to share from their own lives, ask questions and receive help as they pursue and clarify their calling.

Here are a few more photos from yesterday's activities:

Nashville 11 - 1

Acts 29 President Scott Thomas teaches nearly 300 boot campers on "The Man," differentiating between a "performance-driven" versus a "gospel-driven" life for a church planter. 

Nashville 11 - Ortlund

Ray Ortlund, our host, teaches on marriage from Genesis 2 and Ephesians 5. He and his wife Jani celebrate 40 years together this year.

Nashville 11 - 3

At every boot camp, dozens of Acts 29 members attend specifically to meet, talk and hang out with those interested in church planting. The friendships and connections made at boot camps are what everyone agrees is so crucial and revolutionary for them.

 Nashville 11 - 2

Acts 29 member, Jason Martin (right) talks at a dinner table with couples who have come to be assessed. We host a dinner for those being assessed to meet their assessors in advance and help alleviate any nerves and give more time for everyone to get to know each other informally.

Nashville 11 - 4


Boot campers join in song after dinner. It was great to hear loud, joyful voices of men and their wives praising Jesus.

A lot more happened yesterday, but we wanted to share a sampling with you. And yes, we'll be posting audio from the main sessions soon.

By the way, you can keep track of Twitter updates from attendees today by searching #a29.

If you'd like to join us for boot camp, how about next week in San Jose? You still have until Monday to register!