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"My Wife Got a Brain Tumor" -- Brian and Mandy's Story

Our new Boot Camp 2.0 had its maiden voyage in Dallas last month, and was termed by many “the best boot camp ever.” What was different that made it ‘the best’? The ten-minute story talks from Acts 29 church planters that led to personal and practical table discussion.

Here's a sample of what this looked like:

The Story: The Doctor said, 'Mandy, the News is Not Good.'

"Too many men I know in ministry care more about their church doing well than their wife doing well... for some of you, you would care more if your church died than your wife."

Meet the Blendens. Brian and his treasure of a wife, Mandy, planted CrossPointe Community Church in Dallas, and have three kiddos.

Brian shared:

June 16 of last year was a Wednesday, and the doorbell rang and I thought, “oh no.”

I opened the door and my doctor was standing there. We walked together into my bedroom where my wife was laying on the bed. The shade was pulled, the lights were out and there was a white washcloth laying over her head.

The doctor said, “Mandy, the news is not good. The MRI showed a two-centimeter mass at the top of your brain stem that’s going to have to come out.” 

Listen to Brian’s heart-wrenching ten-minute talk (or download):

Questions for Discussion

After Brian’s story concluded, he posed questions (focusing on Ephesians 5:25-33) for all the attendees to discuss at their tables. 

  • What ambitions, desires, pleasures do you need to forfeit for your wife? 
  • Contrast Christ’s willing obedience to go to the cross though not wanting to “drink from that cup,” with your desires, ambitions, etc., and mandate to give yourself for your wife. Where are you being disobedient? 
  • What is the “sin beneath the sin” of your disobedience? 
  • Why are you choosing that sin over the Gospel?

After these questions were discussed (as well as the questions from two more Acts 29 planters’ ten-minute stories on marriage & family), the tables discussed the topic's “Big Question” – a multi-faceted, applicational question:

  • Where and how will planting and pastoring a church put stress on your marriage and family?
  • Where are you weakest?
  • Can you, your wife, and your children handle that stress at this time?
  • What is your specific plan to address that stress?

We’re having our second Boot Camp 2.0 in Nashville on May 26-27, hosted by Ray Ortlund (who will be speaking on marriage with decades of experience!). There are less than 30 spaces left for the full two-day boot camp, so please register today.