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More Horrendous than you can Possibly Imagine by Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll just returned from a trip to Haiti and wrote a letter to the people of Mars Hill Church - asking them to participate in helping the devastated churches down there. Churches Helping Churches is a new, unique organization that seeks to obey Galatians 6:10.

Acts 29 - we are privileged churches and we have an opportunity to help our brothers and sisters who are mourning their dead, trapped in crumpled church buildings, and to love them. Will you help?



From Mark's letter:

"... I am asking you to give over and above your regular giving to support Churches Helping Churches. Our mission is to help rebuild destroyed churches in Haiti, and help plant new churches in Haiti.

The devastation there is more horrendous than you can possibly imagine.  Within the first few hours on the ground to research the state of the church, we saw multiple collapsed churches with members’ decomposed bodies trapped inside...we saw a teenage boy shot in the head just feet away from a Christian seminary that was housing 5,000 refugees, most of whom were children; and we watched a twenty-four-year-old Christian man pull the body of his twenty-six-year-old brother, a worship leader, from the rubble.


We made great contacts on the front lines in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and invite you to send support to help our brothers and sisters in Christ."