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Monday News (and Olds) & Links

6 Greatest Sources of Satisfaction or Stress for Church Planters’ Wives


The GCA blog recently posted the six top factors causing stress or satisfaction in church planters’ wives: the husband, the support system, Sabbath rest, reliance on Christ, boundary ambiguity and physical health. GCA blogger Shari Thomas also shares 8 more secondary factors.


5 Portland Church Plant Killers

Thought-provoking piece from a Portland inside view: "Of the dozens of planters who parachute in from Texas and Missouri and Pennsyltucky every year, few make it to their first birthday. In other parts of the country, churches are setting up franchises faster than Starbucks. Here, the going is slow. Every failed attempt only serves to inoculate the city against future efforts. What are we doing wrong?"


The Importance of Liturgy

Did you catch this from The Journey St. Louis? OK, so it's a year old. But it's a good one. "Liturgy, like theology, can be missional.  If it’s done thoughtfully and explained simply, it can be very attractive to a rootless generation." Do you have a sense of the importance or the positive effect that liturgy can bring to corporate worship? With a younger generation that mostly didn't grow up going to church at all, liturgy bears no baggage or inanity. In fact, to an overmarketed, chaos-ridden and jaded generation, liturgy has a beautiful depth, age & simplicity difficult to find elsewhere.


Gospel-Centered Life Study


The Acts 29 Network’s very own Bob Thune (Coram Deo, Omaha) has developed The Gospel-Centered Life study.  Among other uses, this material is for “Church-planters who want to form Gospel DNA in the churches they start.” They extended their “free review copy” deadline to September 30, so you have a few more days to see an electronic copy before making any purchase decisions.


Top Church Blogs


Hey! Acts 29 made #29! “Some [of these blogs] focus exclusively on ministry, while others are more like theology blogs. Regardless of how you label them, these are the world’s most popular church blogs written by many of today’s most influential church leaders, theologians, and Christ followers.”


House Church Stats: How Many Worship in a House Church?


Ed Stetzer dizzies us with his intellect as he presents us with the complex data for how many people attend a house church. The numbers crunch quite differently depending on your definition of what a house church exactly is. [Oh, and the graph at the end of the article is where the money’s at.]


Houston Boot Camp Starts Tomorrow


We wish you were all with us for boot camp! (If you still want to come, you have to show up tomorrow with a checkbook and a thousand apologies, and maybe some golf clubs for Director Scott Thomas, and… just kidding.) Please do pray for us: For the speakers and their families sharing them with us, for those being assessed and their assessors, for the attendees in general, and for all the folks working hard to pull off the event.