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Monday News & Links

Pakistan Relief - $18K+ from Acts 29 and The Resurgence friends

Did you read about the August 1 attack of the Christian village, Gojra, in Pakistan? Many Acts 29 churches and many via The Resurgence gave generously and relief has been immediate. See Acts 29 brother Jacob Vanhorn's blog with photos of the relief. Over $18K was raised and is being distributed now. 


Rethink Mission: Resource for Missional Churches

Jonathan McIntosh has unleashed a new resource for missional churches in the form of the brand-spankin'-new website - featuring interviews with church planters & authors and covering topics from new music to missional preaching. With an advisory board like this one, we're sure to see great, solid stuff. Who's Jonathan McIntosh?

"Jonathan was on staff for 5 years as a pastor and teacher at The Journey, a missional church in St. Louis; he is a student of culture and created The Journey’s cultural engagement ministries that have attracted media attention worldwide. He truly believes, as one poet said, that “the world is charged with the grandeur of God,” and that our first job as human beings, Christians, and missionaries is simply to notice; to come awake to that grandeur."

What About Suburban Church Planting?

Speaking of Rethink Mission, there's an interview up with suburban Acts 29 church planter, Trey Herweck, on the unique challenges of the suburban church context. Asked about suburban Idols, Herweck states:

"The mindset of the suburbs with all of the stuff that surrounds you is “herein lies my heaven, herein lies my security, herein lies my salvation.” In the suburbs I see a lot of churches doing good things, I see help for the poor, I see passionate music and preaching, I see cool programs and state of the art technology and buildings, there is church growth, there is effective community assistance, there are good people, there are people overcoming addictions, becoming better fathers or businessmen … but if you’re asking me do I see a lot of people falling in love with Jesus? I don’t necessarily see that."


Endure: Houston Boot Camp

September 15-16 - It's only two weeks away! This boot camp will be unique in its focus on "leadership for the long haul" - delving into what it takes to not just plant a church, but to endure to the end as a church planter. There's still time to register for this boot camp featuring Matt Chandler, Eric Mason, Bruce Wesley and more. 


Upcoming Conferences: LEAD09 and More

Lead 09 is coming up October 9-10, and will take place in Auburn, Maine. This conference will be featuring Acts 29 planter Jonathan Dodson, as well as Tim Chester (co-author of Total Church). Check out Acts 29's upcoming events and boot camps here.


Acts 29 is Getting a New Website

That's right, 1999 is going away this fall ... So we need your help & input ASAP. What do you like about this website? What needs to stay, and what new stuff do you want to see? Please take our very-short-survey