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Monday News & Links (Sep 28)

Tim Challies Reviews Al Mohler's New Book on the 10 Commandments

"We’ve seen a steady stream of books come from Mohler’s pen in the past couple of years. I have read them all and am quite comfortable saying that this one is the best of the bunch. Logically, consistently, biblically, Mohler looks to the Ten Commandments and then calls us to live in light of those laws, not as people burdened by rules, but as a grateful people acting in love toward a great God." By the way, there's a similar, excellent book by an Acts 29 pastor's wife on teaching the 10 Commandments to your children.


'It's Not Your Church!' R. Scott Clark on Attitudes Towards Church Planting

The Westminster professor & author blogs succinctly on the biblical mandate for the church to be sent, challenging the attitudes of those who refuse to "lose" their people to a new church plant. "The church is for Christ’s glory. The fields are white unto harvest. The church is the divine institution for that harvest. How can we refuse our Lord? How can we refuse to extend his kingdom? Have we talked so much about “this kingdom work” and “that kingdom work” that we’ve forgotten that the church is the ONLY institution to which Christ gave the keys of the kingdom?"


Young Man, Learn Self-Control

Especially in light of the embarrassing, petulant behavior displayed by several public figures recently, we found this article from the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood relevant. Teaching our children self-control is protecting them, as "a man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls" (Proverbs 25:28).


Meet the Puritans: A New Blog

If you haven't found it yet, Meet the Puritans is a resource for those interested in 17th Century English Puritans. Think: John Owen. MTP intends to provide "original research, theological and devotional commentary upon the writings of the the Puritans, reviews of books about the Puritans, recommendations of books about the Puritans, and ... recommended reading." 


The Danger of Ending Every Sermon with Application

Kevin DeYoung, author of "Just Do Something," blogs on the pitfalls of always inserting application points to conclude sermons. "Some (many?) sermons should not end with application. Why? Because the point of the text is not always to get you to go do something... Are we so afraid of not being relevant or prophetic that we can’t end a sermon by exalting in the person of Christ? No application is needed to finish off this sermon. The last word ringing in people’s hears should be something along the lines of, 'Behold your God!'"


Lead09 Conference: Discount Extended to October 5

If you've been hemming and hawing about whether to go hear Tim Chester & Jonathan Dodson speak on the church's main themes of gospel, community & mission, you have one more week to register at the $75 discount price. Git 'er done.


Ambition: Louisville Boot Camp - Nov 10-11

Sojourn Community Church will be hosting our final boot camp for 2009, with Darrin Patrick, Dave Harvey, Matt Chandler, Ed Stetzer, Steve Timmis, Bob Thune and several other Acts 29 planters teaching on what it is to have a gospel-driven ambition to reach the lost and build Christ's church. Register now for your chance to win hip church planter frames! [uh, we're joking]