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Monday News & Links (Sep 21)

Just Another Ministry Monday?

Jonathan McIntosh posts the top reasons pastors say they want to quit: 1) to protect their family, 2) criticism, 3) the work is too hard, 4) they're restless, 5) they're jealous of others' talents & giftings, 6) nobody & nothing seems to change. Have another reason and want to voice it? Follow @JonMcIntosh, @acts29 and other church planting leaders as they conduct more "Twitter polls" in the future.


Gospel Awakening Defined via Chan Kilgore

Chan serves on the Acts 29 Network's Board of Directors and oversees the Florida Region. He writes, "a Gospel Awakening is when a person's affections are gripped with the beauty of the holiness and love of God and broken by the depth of their own sin." Chan has a four page article on what an "Awakening" movement is, reviewing Whitefield & Edwards' eras, and defining each element in the process of an Awakening. A great, clear & succinct piece.


Houston Boot Camp Recap from Jacob Van Horn

We are thankful for men like Jacob Van Horn, Acts 29 planter of Soma Austin Community Church, who participated in last week's boot camp and was able to write an excellent recap of the whole experience while the Acts 29 staff were running around getting interviews, organizing assessments, connecting folks, etc. 

Bible Translations and the Case for an Essentially Literal Approach

Bible translations have been in the news recently and Dr. Leland Ryken has been writing on the ESV blog to answer questions on this topic. Read about the two main philosophical approaches to Bible translation, metaphor preservation, meaning-based translations, and the advantages of utilizing 'essentially literal' translations.


Six Essentials of College Ministry

Our friends at The Resurgence posted this article from Justin Holcomb - helpful for church planters looking in to starting a college ministry. Don't confuse the gospel with religion, learn about sexual assault, teach students how to read the Bible for themselves, be ready to comfort students through divorce & death, study apologetics & be prepared to counsel students on shocking and raw issues.


Church Discipline: A True Story & Resources

Thabiti Anyawbwile found this goldmine three-post series on Church Discipline. It's the tale of a man's long road in discipline & his restoration process by Tom Ascol, with the third post including a helpful resource list. As practice of Church Discipline is scarce in evangelical churches, these posts give a real (and ultimately beautiful) example and rationale for this biblically mandated element of church.


Ambition: Louisville Boot Camp - November 09

By the way, we are excited to have Dave Harvey of Sovereign Grace Ministries as a speaker at Ambition coming up in a little over a month. He authored When Sinners Say "I Do" and, most recently Rescuing Ambition, which is scheduled to come out from Crossway next May. Come on out for the last boot camp of 2009!