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Monday News & Links (October 19)

Tim Challies Blog Reviews Acts 29

"A few weeks ago I began a series called 'Meet the Ministries.' This purpose of this series is to learn about some of the more prominent or more interesting ministries seeking to serve the church today. In the past this series has stopped at Grace to You and Desiring God. Today it continues to Acts 29 where Scott Thomas, Acts 29’s Chairman and Director, was kind enough to answer a few questions."


On Rock Stars & A Personality-Driven Culture

Erik Cooper writes a thought-provoking post on what he sees as a factor in people choosing to live in mediocrity. "Our approach to life proves our underlying belief that if we’re not gifted in something that gets noticed by the masses, then we’re really not gifted at all. And in this new age of technology and a flattening globe, our self-defined value is becoming tied to things like blog subscriptions and Twitter followers. And because we can’t determine how to influence thousands, we choose to influence…no one."


Matt Chandler on How The Village Does "the Welcome"

"We have spent a great deal of time thinking through what happens in our weekend services. We want to teach deeply the things of God and do it in a way that the unconverted among us can hear and understand. Everything from what and how we sing to words used, not used, and redeemed are thought through. Even the welcome and announcements don’t escape this dialogue."


30 Years Ago Today: How God Called John Piper to Become a Pastor

The Gospel Coalition posted a very personal glimpse into John Piper's call last Wednesday, including small sections of his journal. The night Piper decided, he wrote: "I am closer tonight to actually deciding to resign at Bethel and take a pastorate than I have ever been. . . . The urge is almost overwhelming. It takes this form: I am enthralled by the reality of God and the power of his Word to create authentic people."


Q & A with Kevin Jamison: Louisville Boot Camp Workshop Speaker

Jamison will be speaking on core-gathering for the church planter. "When a man feels a call from God to plant a church, he usually seeks counsel from others and an assessment from a network like Acts 29. If his calling is confirmed he begins the noble-work of church-planting. Yet it is often at this point where the man has no idea what to do next." See the schedule & register here.