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Monday News & Links (Nov 30)

Ed Stetzer Interview on Church Planting (Part 2)

Dustin Neeley put up Part One of his recent interview with Ed Stetzer during the Louisville Boot Camp on his new site, “Church Planting For the Rest of Us.” In case you missed it last week on the website, this new site is already proving useful and unique not only to its target audience of pastors of churches size 50-500, but to a general audience of those interested or involved in church planting. Part one is here.


Tim Callies on Understanding English Bible Translation

Tim Challies gives his review and assessment of Leland Ryken’s latest book Understanding English Bible Translation


Kevin DeYoung on Why Membership Matters

“For many Christians membership sounds stiff, something you have at your bank or the country club, but too formal for the church. Even if it’s agreed that Christianity is not a lone ranger religion, that we need community and fellowship with other Christians, we still bristle at the thought of officially joining a church. Why all the hoops? Why box the Holy Spirit into member/non-member categories? Why bother joining a local church when I’m already a member of the universal Church?”

Kevin DeYoung gives us 6 answers.


Tim Keller on “Preacher-Onlys”

“I [have] said that many Reformed evangelicals think of sound, expository preaching as something of a ‘magic bullet.’ We may think that as long as we are preaching the Word–preaching the law and the gospel rightly–that everything else in congregational life will somehow take care of itself. We may give lip service to the other two marks of the church–the administration of the sacraments and discipline–but we don’t give them proper weight. Fully considered, the administration of the sacraments includes pastoral care, education, and discipleship, while the ministry of discipline means rightly ordering the community, that is, pastoral leadership.”


“Where the Wild Things Aren’t”

Dr. Russell Moore writes: "Too many of our Bible study curricula for children declaw the Bible, excising all the snakes and dragons and wildness. We reduce the Bible to a set of ethical guidelines and a text on how gentle and kind Jesus is."


The Resurgence Featured Media: Biblical Parenting

In October 2008, Mars Hill Church hosted a Biblical Parenting Conference with Dr. Tedd Tripp, who presented biblical teaching on topics from formative instruction to corrective discipline.