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Monday News & Links (Dec 14)

Tri-Perspectival Leadership Diagram

Leon Chingcuangco has distilled David Fairchild's & Drew Goodmanson's (of Kaleo Church) talks at Vintage 21 down to a chart called “Triperspectival Leadership - Fulfilling the Offices of Christ“. In it the offices of Prophet, Priest and King are contrasted to examine Characteristics, Positive Tendencies, Negative Tendencies, Eventual Outworking, Errors of Uni-Perspectival Leadership, Possible Idols and Reductionism. These are from the sessions Triperspectival Leadership & Prophet, Priest & King.


Gospel-Centered Discipleship

The Resurgence has just released some new information and resources for Jonathan Dodson's (of Austin City Life) book Fight Clubs: Gospel-Centered Discipleship. "Since the release of Fight Clubs: Gospel-Centered Discipleship, the book has been viewed over 10,000 times and sold hundreds of copies." Check out what they have been working on!



Interview with Bob Thune (Part Two) : 5 Essentials for a Calling to Church Planting

At the recent Acts 29 AMBITION Boot Camp in Louisville, KY, Dustin Neeley, Lead Pastor ofCrossing Church, had the opportunity to chat with Bob Thune, Pastor of Coram Deo Church in Omaha, NE. Here is part two of this interview. (Part one can be found here.)


To Contextualize or Not to Contextualize: That is NOT the Question

Juan Sanchez writes: I have been pouring over 1 Corinthians 9 recently, and in so doing I have revisited some of the controversies related to the arguments for and against contextualization. In particular, I have to wrestle with what contextualization means in a city whose “official” motto is Keep Austin Weird. What follows are some lessons I have gleaned.


Responsible Father

Scott Jamison (member of Bethlehem Baptist Church) blogs regularly with helpful tips and advice for fathers to help them within their role of shepherding their families well.