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Meet a Church Planter: W. J. Subash in Dallas

Subash recently became a full member of the Acts 29 Network, and we are thrilled to have him as part of the team! He is ministering to immigrants in Dallas through The Crossroad Church.


W.J. Subash was in Dallas solely to pursue a Ph.D at Dallas Theological Seminary. But God had different plans. After several months at DTS, he realized a great need.


Acts 29: What happened? What was the need?


Subash: I realized that there were a huge number of unreached people groups from south Asia and the churches in DFW are not able to reach them with the Gospel. In March 2001, my wife Alice and I decided to start Bible study groups and invite Asian Indians for the study. God blessed this effort. Within a few months, we ended up conducting Bible studies in five different places. Our church is a result of our Bible study movement that started in March 2001.


Acts 29: What is your philosophy of evangelism in your church and what does that look like practically?


Subash: It is found in our mission statement: exalt, edify, and evangelize. In other words, when we exalt the Triune God corporately and edify one another intentionally, evangelism must take place on its own. I emphasize in our church that what we do during the weekend is the climax of what we do during the week.


Acts 29: How can we pray for you?

Subash: Please pray that we will be able to reach the south Asians who are predominantly Hindus.


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