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Meet a Church Planter: Stephen Wagoner in Winston-Salem

In 2005, Stephen Wagoner was called to plant churches. In 2006, he realized this calling was to "The Triad" of North Carolina (Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point). In 2008, Stephen and his wife Brooke moved their family there and in January this year, replanted 1.21 Church.


Acts 29: How did you build up your core?

One at a time. God in his grace has slowly and steadily has been sending people in our direction. I then meet with each individual and share the vision of 1.21 for the Triad & the world. Some stay and some leave. There are a lot of meetings a lot of networking.


Acts 29: What is your philosophy of community in your church
and what does that look like

We are a cell/Missional community structured church – so we place HIGH priority on Gospel community and allowing the truth of Jesus to seep its way into every aspect of our lives. We desire for everyone to Love and Be loved – to know and be known. We do this in and through our gospel community groups – who meet geographically throughout out great city.

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