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Meet a Church Planter: Rick White in Fort Worth, TX

Rick is not new the the Network, but you may not know who he is yet. From The Village Church (as in Matt Chandler), Rick White planted CityView church in Fort Worth, Texas. At the Houston boot camp in September, Rick popped by the green room to answer some questions for our slightly wobbly camera (apologies! think: MTV).


In this clip, he tells us three ways he struggled as a church planter in the early days. Good words from an intense dude for church planters and leaders, or those who aspire to be.



*The talk Rick mentions in the video is "Idols in Church Planting" and is found here.

And, on November 17-18, Texas Acts 29 members and candidates are invited to CityView Church to be hosted by Rick White and his team for a Regional Training. Jeremy Pace, the Texas Regional leader shares:

"What we are most excited about are the “Whiteboard” sessions. We will split the guys up based on stage of church plant and have facilitators to lead discussions on the topic of elder development so that guys can learn from one another. We also will spend some time doing this for other regional topics, like how our region can support and care for wives."



DAY 1:

1:00 pm: Everyone arrives

1:30: Worship

2:00: Main Session 1: “Being the Right kind of Man as Lead Elder” (Bruce Wesley)

3:00: Break

3:15: Main Session 2: “Having the Right Kind of Men in the Room” (Matt Chandler)

4:00: Whiteboard Discussions on Developing Elders & Processes

5:30: Dinner on your own

7:30: Get Together at Rick’s Place

DAY 2:

9:00 am: Doors Open

9:30: Worship

9:45: Main Session 3: “Serving the Right Men Well” (Dave Bruskas)

11:00: Whiteboard Discussions continued on Developing Elders & Processes

12:00 pm: Lunch on site

1:00: Regional Update

2:00: Whiteboard Discussions on How Our Region Can Serve Our Wives Well

3:00: Synthesize previous Whiteboard Discussions

3:45: Conclude & Dismiss