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Meet a Church Planter: Rick Carbonneau in Redwood City, CA

Rick Carbonneau became a part of Acts 29 this year and has replanted Redeeming Grace Church in Redwood City, California – a church committed to being on mission and planting more churches. But it wasn’t always that way…


Acts 29: Tell us about your calling to plant… or re-plant?


Rick: Our situation at Redeeming Grace Church is different in some ways than an original church plant. We have been in the processes of replanting an established church for the past 3 years. This has brought on a number of different dynamics.


That being stated – I do believe God has called me to lead a church planting church through mentoring young pastors, training, leading and coaching them. My passion is to leave a legacy of church planting churches on the SF Peninsula and greater SF Bay Area. Currently, I am part of a newly established church planting network which is one of the reasons why I desire to be a part of A29 so that what I am trained and mentored in I can pass on to other new church planters.


My philosophy has radically changed in the past 4 years due to a re-ignition of the gospel and missional theology. My former pastor and seminary had a philosophy that America did not need new churches but better pulpits. While, I struggled with this philosophy at first I soon embraced it the longer I was in seminary and served at my former church. I’ve been awakened to the Acts model.


Acts 29: How did you become involved with Acts 29? What have been the biggest benefits of being in the network?


Rick: We became involved through the teaching ministry of Mark Driscoll and Acts 29/Resurgence media - these have been the biggest benefits to date but a growing relationship with A29 leaders has been a tremendous help.


Acts 29: What advice do you have for men who are wrestling with the decision to plant?


Rick: If you can do anything else - do it because it will kill you and everything about you unless Jesus has called you.


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