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Meet a Church Planter: Justin Hyde

Justin Hyde

Mission, Vision, Values of Church

We believe that the Christian faith is a call to Proclamation. Therefore, as we experience transformation through the Gospel, we are compelled to share God's story with the world, always pointing people to the sacred Scriptures as the final authority for faith and life.

We believe that the Christian faith is a call to Service. Therefore we submit our lives to Jesus as His servants and seek to imitate Jesus by serving others whom we value more highly than ourselves.

We believe that the Christian faith is a call to Community, not individualism. Therefore we embody the Gospel by living a shared life of intimacy, hospitality, and generosity as we establish a family of pilgrims on a journey of faith together.

What is your philosophy of community in your church and what does that look like practically in your church? Of evangelism? 

My purpose and our church's purpose is to serve as a witness (martyr) for Christ's glory. We pour our lives out as witness in three primary ways: Proclamation, Service, and Community. We open our mouths to speak and proclaim God's goodness with every opportunity. We open our homes and our lives and embody the Gospel through service to our neighbors. We also live out the ramifications of the Gospel through life together which is marked by trust, intimacy, honesty, and love. Darrell Guder noted these as the Saying, Doing, and Being of our Gospel mission.

What are some examples of God's grace that you have seen in your life and/or the life of your church?

I am keenly aware that every breath I'm able to take in and exhale is a gift and grace from God. I have found favor with God and have been given an irreplaceable helper in my wife, Brandi. God has rewarded me richly through the birth of my three children. God has, by his grace and mercy and according to his pleasure, included me in his unstoppable work of proclaiming his goodness throughout the world. I am thankful and humbled and honored that I am able to serve in God's church. I am thankful and unworthy of the blessing of pastoring even a single soul.

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