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Meet a Church Planter: Harvey Turner in Reno, Nevada

We want to introduce you to the men and the churches that make up the Acts 29 Network. We are excited to get to work together with them to bring Jesus to cities and peoples everywhere!

When Harvey Turner became a Christian, he felt called to plant a church almost immediately. Attending Bible College and teaching at youth groups and Bible studies, Harvey took advantage of smaller opportunities to preach and lead until he had birthed a church: "I started a Bible study to reach some lost friends, which over time grew to about 60 people in a living room... we started functioning more like a church," says Harvey. Living Stones of Reno was born.

Through struggles of moving from a house to a larger building, from one service to multiple services and other difficulties, Living Stones has undergone many changes and grown. And there is much to celebrate: in early February, Harvey got to baptize 27 - some religious and some irreligious - who had finally grasped the gospel of Jesus and the grace of God the Father in Reno, where casinos are full and churches are few.


We asked Harvey what advice he has for men who are trying to decide whether to plant a church or not. He stated, "first, ask yourself: are you really sure you want to plant a church? Is there anything else you could do?" He recommends strongly that if you can do something else, do it, citing that the work is too hard with too little pay and too much heartache. But, he says, if "you will be absolutely miserable until you [plant a church], get off the couch and do it."

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