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Meet a Church Planter: Greg Heasley in South Africa

We plant a lot of churches in the U.S., but the Acts 29 Network has churches far from North American soil. Our Acts 29 International team hosts boot camps in multiple countries in Africa, Pakistan, and soon will be headed for their first boot camp in South America. Meet one of our A29i planters today!


Acts 29: Covenant Grace Church is about 10,000 miles (16,000 KM?) from the US. How did you hear about Acts 29 and become involved?

Greg: First heard of A29 from John Piper's ministry, Desiring God. After reading and researching the online resources, I made contact with guys in South Africa who were also impacted by A29. Some of these guys went over to the US to attend the Text and Context Conference. Since then, we have remained interested and sought to connect. We then attended the Cape Town bootcamp in Feb 2009. The benefits are numerous -- a great bunch of people with a clear mission and God-exalting theology. Awesome resources.


Acts 29: What's your story of church-planting?


Greg: My wife Wendy and I were born, raised and completed our education in Port Elizabeth. In November 2004 we felt a call to plant a church in New Zealand, and Gracenet Community Church was established with the assistance of a team sent from South Africa. Planting a church in a foreign country presented some great opportunities and challenges. However God graciously gave us favour and many wonderful people from different cultures and nationalities were added to the church.


In April 2008 we landed back in Port Elizabeth, reflecting on a decade of growth in ministry. It has been an amazing journey, and in the last couple of years our lives have been greatly impacted by a fresh vision of the Gospel with a renewed understanding of God's Grace and Sovereignty. This renewed vision of Gospel-centredness led us to pioneer another church plant in our home town.


Acts 29: So, on this second time through church-planting, what advice would you pass on for men who are wrestling with the decision to plant?


Greg: Don't do it alone; make sure you have support and a team. Ensure your theological convictions are firm and clear. Build relationship with other like-minded churches.



To read more about Greg, Wendy and Covenant Grace Church in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, read their full church profile. And read more about other new Acts 29 members here.