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Meet a Church Planter: Chuck Land in Sugar Land, Texas

More churches are being planted with Acts 29, but also, existing churches who share a love for Jesus and seeing new believers, and planting more churches are partnering with us more and more. Chuck Land's church is 7 years old, and has already helped plant 5 churches. We are blessed to work alongside Chuck and Crossbridge Church.

Acts 29: How did you become involved with Acts 29? 


I have many friends in A29. It was through these friends I was encouraged to join the network to be apart of what God is doing in planting Gospel-centered missional churches.


Acts 29: What have been the biggest benefits of being in the network?


1. Friends: It was very lonely for me in the early days of planting. I found that other guys were planting were either not really focusing on theology or they had no theology. As I met A29 guys I thought, these are my people! A commitment to wrestle with scripture and submit to it, and a passion to reach people with the gospel.


2. The Gospel: It is an honor to be in a network that is all about the gospel. There are other good networks out there but I love that A29's training is usually centered around unpacking the depth and applying the power of the gospel to your congregation.


3. Men to plant churches: Our church has helped plant 5 churches in 7 years. We want to plant more, at least 2 a year in the next five years. I hope to find some good men through A29 that Crossbridge can bless.


Acts 29: What advice do you have for men who are wrestling with the decision to plant?


Get alone and get quiet and wrestle with Him. Make sure your wife is on board. Deal with your internal issues (i.e. go see a counselor!)


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