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Meet a Church Planter | Ryan Mobley

Meet a Church Planter

Vision, Mission, Values of Church

  • Our vision (what we're becoming): A diverse community bringing the whole Gospel to the whole person, whole city, and whole world. 
  • Our mission (what we're doing): Connecting the disconnected by loving God, transforming lives & changing the world
  • Our values (what make us unique): Love, Family, Story, Feast, Blessing, Mission

Call to Plant

I spent of number of years in various associate-type pastoral roles but never felt settled. I always felt that there was a better way for the church to engage disconnected people to God and the community. Church planting had been an idea, but never a clear call until I was flying back home from an interview at a church. I was somewhere over Wyoming when I heard the Spirit tell me to plant a church.

The full story is here

Involvement with Acts 29

I got introduced and involved with Acts 29 through being a part of the core team for The Journey in St. Louis.

The biggest benefit of the network has been the true brotherhood of the other pastors. The gospel, a commitment to missional ministry, and theological clarity is truly the glue that holds the network together and makes it so strong. These men are not only a great source of support and encouragement, but also provide a sharpening of me as a Christian, a husband, a father, and a pastor.

God's Grace

One of the biggest examples of grace that God has shown to both me personally and our church are the elders that I get to serve with. I fervently prayed for men to labor with for the gospel that would be the type of men that I would want my daughters to marry one day. He answered that prayer well, and it has blessed me personally and our church beyond measure.