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Meet a Church Planter | Michael Graham

Meet a Church Planter

Call to Plant

I had been a youth pastor for about 4 and a half years when God began to change my passions, desires, intensions, motivations, etc... God slowly began to reveal His desire for my wife and i to move on and to plant a church. We didn't know what that looked like but the passion for planting grew stronger until it was, honetly, irresistable. We began sharing our heart and vision with friends who confirmed the call in our life. a year and half later we launched the Village. (this is of course the short of it...)

Involvement with Acts 29

I heard about A29 from a friend years ago. I read a few Driscoll books, notably, CONFESSIONS OF A REFORMISSION REV., which was very helpful to inspire mission and to inform of the life that a church planter/church plant will lead. The benefits of Acts 29 have been: Relationships-- the "brotherhood" aspect of Acts 29 has been the most beneficial aspect for me personally and for the Village. I have had a coach since assessment (Kevin Jamison) and have spent a decent amount of time with other A29 guys. They sharpen me, challenge me, and shape me as a planter and as a husband.

God's Grace

Despite my ignorance and schedule... God has sustained my family and, in fact, strengthened us through the planting process despite all of the obstacles that come along with planting. How can we pray for you? * Pray that God would continue to offer Grace to my family and to the Village, and that we could move towards sustaining my salary entirely through the provision of the Church & through outside support.

How do you pastor your family?

We pray together, we read the Bible together, we struggle together, we grow together, we learn together... but the most important aspect of Pastoring my family is actually LIVING out God's Word in my own life. My son emulates me daily and i don't take this lightly. I know that preaching grace to my wife and kids is different than demonstrating Grace to them and for them. Of course we have to teach the Bible, but if we don't LIVE the Bible, then we are pharisees. Outside of the Bible, what is the most helpful book you have read for church planting? Wow... I'd say that Confession of a Reformission Rev. was foundational for me early on to know what i was getting into.