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Meet a Church Planter | John Bryson

Meet a Church Planter

John Bryson | Lead Pastor of Fellowship Memphis | Memphis, TN

Call To Plant

Fellowship Memphis started in 2003 in a living room with 30 people who had relocated to the city to proclaim and live out the gospel. We had a deep desire to become a gospel outpost in the urban core of the city that introduced people to Jesus, developed and matured people in their faith, equipped people to give their lives away and sought the welfare of the city.

We also prayed that God would not just establish a church...but begin a movement of Multi-Racial, Multi-Ethnic, Bible teaching, Disciple making, churches that loved their city well and had Jesus as their hero. 

We constantly pray that God would allow us to be a God-honoring, Spirit led, Biblically functioning community with Jesus as the Hero.

Involvement in Acts 29

Friendships with men I love and respect, such as Eric Mason, Kevin Cawley, Hunter Beaumont, Darrin Patrick, Daniel Montgomery and others made the brotherhood compelling. Also, there was a deep resonation with the theology and missiology of A29 along with the selfish desire to learn deeply from the movement.

God's Grace

Too many to count. His grace to me and our church is astonishing. He has always provided, rarely early, but never late.


Pray that God would continue to pound the gospel into my head and heart, the head and heart of our team, that God would protect us from the evil one, his works and effects and guard us. Pray for continued unity among our elders. God's grace for our future.