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Meet a Church Planter | Joe Holland

Meet a Church Planter

Joe Holland | Lead pastor of Christ Covenant | Culpeper, VA

Call to Plant

I spent the first 6 years of ministry as an assistant in two different churches in Mississippi. Toward the end of those six years I started to get the church planting bug. I was being exposed to Acts29 resources—especially the preaching of Mark Driscoll. I was also attending the annual Twin Lakes Fellowship—a ministerial fraternal dedicated in part to church planting.

I always have had a desire to return to my home state of Virginia to plant a church. Through connections the Lord provided through some friends I found out that there was a work underway in Culpeper, VA that was looking for a church planter. After conversations, assessment, prayer, and study my wife and I confirmed that we were being called to plant a church in a growing town that desperately needed a church plant.

Involvement in Acts 29

I sought to be involved with Acts 29 for three reasons.

The first reason is a selfish one. I need as much fraternity and resources as a church planter as I can get. Acts 29 puts me in direct relationship with guys that are doing what I'm doing, suffering the way I'm suffering, rejoicing in what I'm rejoicing in, and working toward the goal I'm working toward—seeing more people meet Jesus through the means of church planting.

The second reason is that I have seen the fruit of Acts 29 in the planting of churches and the reaching of the lost. I want to be a part of that.

The third reason is that I'd love to help the network with whatever gifts the Lord has given me. Acts 29 has grown because men have given their time to both their churches and to seeing other churches started. I want to do the same thing. I wouldn't be planting a church without Acts 29. I want to repay that debt of gratitude with my participation in the network.

God's Grace

The first is that after a year in Culpeper we're still here. God has preserved my soul, my marriage, my family, and our growing church. Second is that after a year in Culpeper we're growing more in love with Jesus. Third, is that I'm seeing men and woman, boys and girls catch the vision for reaching the lost in Culpeper with the gospel—exciting. Fourth, God has done the first three in a way that we have been utterly unable to boast in ourselves but have been joyfully forced to boast in how great he is in the work of church planting.


Pray that I would keep Jesus as my first love. Pray that my marriage would continue to grow and that God would give my sons an undying passion for the gospel. Pray that God would be glorified through his church in Culpeper, VA.