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Meet a Church Planter | Jeremy Rose

Meet a Church Planter

Jeremy Rose | Lead Pastor of Axis Church | Nashville, TN

Call to Plant

Eight years ago I prayed for the Lord to allow me to plant a church. I heard nothing. Five years ago the Lord led me to leave the full-time ministry to attend seminary and learn how to plant a church. Three years ago while vacationing with my wife for three days, I read Polhill's "Acts" commentary, the book of Acts and Driscoll's "The Radical Reformission." during those three days, I knew that God was leading me to something new and adventurous. A year and a half ago God called me to a time of prayer where I felt Him say to me, “there is a new work that you will be opened to.” What convinced me to start a new church is what I felt in my heart. I know that the best way to spread the fame of God is through church planting. I know that this call is so real to my heart—so real that I cannot see myself doing anything else. I know that to do anything else would be disobeying. Moreover, I am called to reach a specific demographic—the post-moderns who are not being reached by most established churches.

Involvement in Acts 29

I become involved with Acts 29 by first hearing rumors of a "crazy preacher in Seattle" and then reading his book, "The Radical Reformission." In reading his book I was drawn to learn more about this network of like-minded men who were committed to the gospel and loved their cities.

God's Grace

My relationship with my wife is so wonderful that I must believe it is because of the Lord. Our three kids love The Axis and continue to display a desire to know more about Him. God's grace led us to the neighborhood we live in and to the school for our kids to attend.

God has led many creative and gifted people to our church and several entrepreneurs who love Him and Nashville.

I am close friends with Ray Ortlund and have been blessed to work along side him at his church, Immanuel Church. Words cannot accurately describe the blessing this is to me.

I have such a wonderful and caring coach in David Thew. This has been and is a substantial blessing.


I need wisdom and grace to persevere. I must continue to preach the gospel to myself--pray this for me. Pray for my time with the Lord, my kids and my wife. We need more funding--pray for this. Pray also for the future elders of The Axis.

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