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Meet a Church Planter | David Pinckney

Meet a Church Planter

David Pinckney | Pastor of The River of Grace Church | Concord, NH

Call to Plant

My dad pastored in NH starting in 1965 (I was born in NY in 1963). I was called to pastor while a sophmore in college. I pastored a historic small town baptist church from 1987-1997 (now Countryside Community Church). In 97 I joined the staff of a mega church in York PA (Living Word Community Church). In 2001 the Lord started "hitting me" with the concept of returning to NH to plant a church in the capital City of Concord. After much prayer and affirmation, we were "boots on the ground" by July 2002.

How did you become involved with Acts 29? 

Having been connected to the Young Leaders Network in the late 90's, it became a natural fit to plug into A29 when God called us to plant. The biggest benefit is the brotherhood, which has strengthened my faith, character, marriage, and skills. I love this Network and am humbled to be part of it.

How do you pastor your family?

I am still learning, but to date have found satisfaction and a measure of success walking with each of my children (now young adults) through life, keeping them focused on Jesus through his word. So far all 5 still love Jesus and his church. There is no greater joy!

God's grace

God keeps converting people despite us! We are weak. He is strong. He works through the simple and broken. We are filled with joy at each new person who comes to Jesus!

God keeps providing funding. NH is the least charitable state in the Country (consistently placing 50th when it comes to charitable giving per person), yet, God continues to provide so we have enough!

Please add any additional information that you would like to communicate to those that would be reading this on the Acts 29 website.

You have one life to invest for Jesus. Find the congregation he wants you in and serve it with all devotion, sacrifice, humility and endurance. Thanks for being part of the family!


That the glory and gospel of Jesus would continue to spread through our community, and that the Spirit would give us strength to endure until the end.