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Matt Chandler on Walking with Jesus: Make An Actual Plan & Watch Your Affections Closely

Many know that Matt Chandler is the lead pastor of Highland Village Church near Dallas, Texas. What many may not know is that he also serves the entire Acts 29 Network by being a part of the Board of Directors and in coordinating church planting efforts in the exploding Acts 29 Texas Region.


And what is perhaps even less known is how this highly influential man, clearly passionate about Jesus and preaching his Gospel, personally walks with Jesus. I had the privilege of sitting down with Matt after his talk at boot camp last week and got to ask him about just that.




In this short video Matt highlights two main elements of a personal walk with God:


1. Answer the questions "how will I do this?" and "when will I do this?" when it comes to Bible reading, prayer, & solitude. Most men never get that far, never make a plan, and their walk with Jesus is sporadic at best. 


2. Keep a watch on what stirs or stifles your affections for Jesus. Matt carefully watches his heart to see what increases his affection for Jesus - and he makes more room for these things (for example, getting up early and going to bed early are personally important for him). He also looks for those things that steal his affection from Christ or deaden it, and intentionally removes those from his life (his example was that he has to not follow sports closely because he starts caring too much).


I also wanted to know how Matt was influenced by other men through his conversion and first steps in faith, shaping how he practices his faith. Much of his intentionality in spiritual disciplines in the pursuit of faithfulness and obedience came from the man who invested in him early on. You can watch this short piece as well.


I am so thankful for this brother in our network. He is a godly influence to many. And the men who invested in him as well as Matt's own intentional, disciplined, personal pursuit of Jesus has resulted in great blessing to us all.